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 Because we want to reach as many people/families as we can, we take pride in designing programs to meet our client’s needs, especially during this hard economic time. Rates can be discussed either over the phone or during your first free initial consultation.

mpowering you to live healthy!

Achieving what seems impossible.


This is your adventure. We begin by meeting with you for your initial consultation (not required for all services/classes/parties).
During our first visit we will gather information needed to design the best program for you. We start by establishing what your current lifestyle is like and what your ultimate desired goals are - how you envision yourself in the future. Programs are designed to accomodate your schedule. We do not believe in deprivation. Our principles are based on education, moderation, balance, and energizing coaching. Fitting who you are as an individual and creating sustainable, lasting results is key to life long health.

e-on-one Wellness Training

If a healthy lifestyle is what you seek - START HERE!

One-on-one training is among the most effective approaches to making and sustaining positive lifestyle changes.
 The trusted relationship between you and your personal
trainer offers endless support, guidance and encouragement to making lifestyle changes comfortably and naturally. Your EHW trainer facilitates lifestyle modifications by focusing on individual client needs, interests, values, vision and goals to reach his/her fullest potential. We will empower you with knowledge, tools and skills that will last a lifetime. We are there to support you 24/7!

Family Wellness Program

Incorporating a Family Wellness program into your life is a FUN way to stay FIT and ACTIVE together! 

Childhood obesity, early signs of heart disease and autoimmune disorders are part of a serious public health epidemic with
roughly 9 million children considered to be obese.

For information from the CDC, click on the RESOURCES tab and select the CDC link.

Envision Health and Wellness (EHW) is committed to helping combat our nation's health threat by offering a 3-week comprehensive program focusing on FAMILY Fitness, Nutrition, and overall Wellness. No TIME? Don't worry, we will come to you - 2 visits per week for 3 consecutive weeks!!!

Packages are modified depending on individual family needs: 
ØPhysical Fitness Assessments
ØFamily Nutrition Analysis
ØPersonalized Exercise Programs
ØGrocery Store Breakdown
ØMotivational Tips, Tools and Coaching

Kids Life Wellness Program

If your child is living a sedentary lifestyle, gaining weight, overweight and eating mostly processed, quick foods then we can help!
Ø If you are having trouble getting your child to be interested in anything other than electronics, we can help!
Ø If your child is in need of self-confidence, we can help!

The Kids Life Wellness Program is designed to motivate your child to take interest in physical activities and eating a more balanced diet that they will love. We will introduce your child to various fun, active excursions depending on their interests, needs, current condition, and capabilities. Each activity is specially designed and performed in a deliberate, sequential order to create interest and promote self-confidence, all while making exercise exciting and enjoyable; not painful as many overweight kids experience.

For many youth, loss of interest in physical activity has to do with boredom, lack of exposure to activities that they can identify with, level of difficulty and discomfort.

Our experience and creativity will solve all of these likelihoods and more. Let us help you get your child back on track!!!

Teen Life Wellness Program

Created just for Teens!!! The Teen Wellness Program is similar to the principals in Kids Life Wellness Program (above), with the exception of age appropriate added activities, cognitive training, nutrition discussions, as well as one-on-one and/or group excursions (to help form relationships with others on a similar path, looking to lead a healthy lifestyle).

For many, teen years can be some of the most difficult times. We can help by incorporating positive lifestyle changes into their daily routine, geared towards building self-confidence, interest, awareness, responsibility and friendship. Journaling and goal-setting are important aspects of the Teen Wellness Program.

 Weekend Warrior Family Activity Program 

Get ready to get ACTIVE!!!!
If you are looking for FUN ways to motivate your family to get active and stay active, but find yourself running out of things to do or time to make plans, then we can help! We will design an activity program that will have you and your family moving in not

A family that plays together stays together!
Not only will your family be healthier for it, you will also create lasting memories and strengthen bonds.

Following your free initial consultation, weekend activity programs will be designed to meet all fitness levels and ages. A personal ENVISION Health & Wellness Consultant will take care of everything else. All you have to do is be ready to have some fun! 

How it works:

Following your initial consultation, we will construct a list of activities and excursions based on your family interests and goals – ready to be put into action on your next available weekend (Sat. or Sun.).

Ø Let us know your weekend availability (minimum of 2 weeks prior notice is required for all activities and/or excursions).

Ø You will receive an email confirmation of your selected date(s) after booking, as well as a phone and email reminder 2 days prior.

Ø You will receive an email listing the details of your weekend family activity and/or excursion (based on a pre-determined program), 2-weeks before your scheduled outing date. Confirm the excursion and we will take care of the rest!  

Weight Loss Programs Just for YOU!

What's your waist size?

Our programs are designed to address all aspects of health and fitness necessary to making positive lifestyle changes and are customized to cater to the unique needs of our clients. Our programs cover everything from cognitive awareness training, exercise instruction and nutrition to stress management. We teach and empower you to be able to make educated choices on your own. Our focus is on helping you help yourself through education, self-awareness training, one-on-one (and group) support, self control and providing you with all the tools you will need so that you will no longer need our help.

Workout Breakdown

In this program we show you how achieving small exercises throughout the day - 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there will help you reach your goals. Before you know it, you will be well on your way to a stronger healthier you.  This workout regimen will fit anyone’s busy lifestyle.


Friends & Family Team Challenge

Participants will form a team, where they will compete at losing weight and making positive lifestyle changes. Each team will meet collectively 1-2 times a week for group sessions, weekly lifestyle evaluations and weigh-ins. Each person receives full fitness, body fat, and lifestyle analysis; a journal to document their exercise and food intake; customized workouts based on interests, condition, and goals; health & wellness information; and weight loss guidance. Accountability is strictly enforced via weekly meetings, emails, phone calls and team support. There is a four person minimum.

How it works: 

Ø Each teammate will be assigned a lifestyle score to base progress from.

At each weekly lifestyle evaluation, points will be given based on your progress.   Ø At week 10, the team with the most earned points WINS a local fitness excursion!


Participants are instructed for a one hour workout: 20 minutes of cardiovascular training, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of core training/stretching. Beginning to intermediate programs available.

Friends & Neighbors Group Exercise

Invite your friends and neighbors over for a weekly group exercise program. We offer something for everyone! This is particularly good for moms or other professionals, who work from home and need to maximize their time, interact with other adults, make connections outside of the home, and get moving! There is a two person minimum.

Invite your friends and neighbors over for a weekly group exercise program. We offer something for everyone! This is particularly good for moms or other professionals, who work from home and need to maximize their time, interact with other adults, make connections outside of the home, and get moving! 

Body Conditioning Workout

A perfect workout for those seeking a well-rounded exercise routine, body conditioning includes flexibility, strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and education. Great for all fitness levels!

30 Minute Energy Workout

DO IT FOR YOU! Are you running low on energy? Start changing your life with just 30 minutes a day using workout stations. Station training consists of a series of exercises designed in a specific order allowing you to maximize a full-body workout in just 30 minutes! Each Energy Workout is customized to meet your needs/ability level and can change with you as you improve.

Take just 30 minutes out of your day and invest it in YOU!!!


This is NOT for everyone, but we promise you an intense one hour workout that will challenge your cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance, as well as your mental stamina.

GET READY for it all - crawling, running, pulling, pushing, carrying, lifting, jumping, throwing… and NEVER say
"I can't."

BOOT CAMP sessions are conducted outdoors year round and are weather dependant. Intermediate to advanced programs available.


 Healthy Cooking & Eating  

Cooking healthy isn’t always easy, especially if you are short on time, so we offer weekly cooking lessons in your home on how to prepare nutritious/time friendly meals that you can then serve at your next meal—great tasting, nutritious meals that don't pack on the pounds.
Taking control of your food preparation helps you take control of your health and weight.

Strap-on an apron and get ready to cook!

Employee Wellness Sessions – For SUCCESS!  



NOW OPEN TO SMALL BUSINESSES! Introducing employee wellness sessions into your small or large business can make a positive difference in the overall health of your company. Healthy employees mean less sick days, increased productivity, reduced healthcare expenditures and increased creativity. How's that for a positive return-on-investment (ROI)! 

We design, implement and manage effective employee wellness programs to meet individual employee needs; offering group and one-on-one sessions. 


Email us today to learn more about how our years of experience and knowledge in developing employee wellness programs can help your company.  

Physical Fitness Field Tests – What’s YOUR physical condition?

Ø  Walking Test
Ø  Step Test
Ø  Flexibility Test
Ø  Balance and Agility Test
Ø  Body Fat Analysis: Bio-impedance Analysis (BIA); Skinfold and Circumference
Ø  Body Mass Index (BMI) calculations
Ø Vitals (Blood pressure and heart rate)

Before starting a HEALTH & WELLNESS program with EHW, please click on the FORMS tab above to download the HEALTH & WELLNESS RELEASE FORMYou will need to complete this form prior to participation.


Depending on your current physical condition and goals, we may require a physical fitness test (geared toward your ability) or other evaluations, which can be ordered through your primary care physician, in order to gain additional insight when customizing your program.

Because we want to reach as many people as we can, we take pride in designing programs to meet our client’s needs. Rates can be discussed either over the phone or during your first consultation.  We come to you and work with you! 

Live Healthy!

Live Healthy!





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